Multi-Response Modelling and Optimization of Agave Cantala Natural Fiber and Multi-wall Carbon Nano Tube Reinforced Polymer Nanocomposite: Application of Mixture Design

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Research Article

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Fibers and Polymers


The article intends to obtain an environment friendly, low-cost natural fiber (Agave Cantala Fiber) and Multi-walled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) composite by the experimental design approach. More specifically, study is associated with multi-response modelling and optimization of a novel composite material for cleaner manufacturing. The Mixture Design technique is adopted to ensure the mixture components’ multi-response optimization, namely, MWCNT, Cantala fibers, and Epoxy resin. The tensile, flexural, and impact strength of the novel composite material are considered for optimization. The experiments are planned as per the mixture design, and the data is collected on all these responses. The Cox Response Trace plot, Pareto Chart for Standardized Effects, Overlaid Contour plot, and Response Optimizer plot are effectively used to develop predictive models and to identify an optimum combination of the mixture for all the responses. The findings will assist in developing an optimal combination of component mixtures and a predictive model for composite material through the structured and robust statistical methodology. This material will assist in cleaner and greener manufacturing of composite materials, while the approach adopted will help researchers as a template for robust composite material development.

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