Localization phenomena and electronic transport in irradiated Aubry-André-Harper systems

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Research Article

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Journal of Physics Condensed Matter


The role of light irradiation on electronic localization is critically investigated for the first time in a tight-binding lattice where site energies are modulated in the cosine form following the Aubry-André-Harper (AAH) model. The critical point of transition from delocalized-to-localized phase can be monitored selectively by regulating the light parameters that is extremely useful to have controlled electron transmission across the system. Starting with a strictly one-dimensional (1D) AAH chain, we extend our analysis considering a two-stranded ladder model which brings peculiar signatures in presence of irradiation. Unlike 1D system, AAH ladder exhibits a mixed phase (MP) zone where both extended and localized energy eigenstates co-exist. This is the fundamental requirement to have mobility edge in energy band spectrum. A mathematical description is given for decoupling the irradiated ladder into two effective 1D AAH chains. The underlying mechanism of getting a MP zone relies on the availability of two distinct critical points (CPs) of the decoupled chains, in presence of second-neighbor hopping between the two strands. Using a minimal coupling scheme the effect of light irradiation is incorporated following the Floquet-Bloch ansatz. The localization behaviors of different energy eigenstates are studied by calculating inverse participation ratio, and, are further explained in a more compact way by calculating two-terminal transmission probabilities together with average density of states. Finally, the decoupling procedure is extended for a more general multi-stranded AAH ladders where multiple CPs and thus multiple mobility edges are found. Our analysis may provide a new route of engineering localization properties in similar kind of other fascinating quasiperiodic systems.



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