Impact of Particle Shape on Saltating Mode of Bedload Transport Sheared by Turbulent Flow

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Research Article

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Journal of Hydraulic Engineering


The saltating mode of sediment transport is the dominant mechanism of bedload transport in a fluvial stream, especially in mountainous rivers. In most simulation studies, the actual shapes of sediment particles are simplified considering the spherical shape of particles, which can affect the accuracy of the estimation of bedload transport rate. In this study, a model of sediment particle saltation by streamflow is presented, simulating the wall-shear turbulent flow over a sediment bed by large-eddy simulation and calculating the forces acting on the saltating particles by Newton's second law of motion. The model was calibrated by using the experimental data from previous studies on particle saltation. To study the impact of particle shapes, the computational results of saltation lengths, heights, and velocities of different-shaped particles were analyzed. Then, three key parameters were used to estimate bedload transport rates: bedload concentration, saltation height, and particle velocity. By summarizing the above results, this work presents a formula of bedload transport rate that improves upon a previous well-celebrated formula from the literature. The proposed formula introduces shape factors of natural sediment particles. © 2020 American Society of Civil Engineers.



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