Modeling and optimization of multiobjective programming problems in neutrosophic hesitant fuzzy environment

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Research Article

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Soft Computing


Multiobjective optimization techniques have much importance while solving real-life problems. There may get chances of neutral thoughts and hesitations in real-life problems. This paper has studied the multiobjective programming problems (MOPPs) under neutrosophic hesitant fuzzy uncertainty. The degrees of neutrality and hesitations in MOPPs were introduced, and simultaneously, we have developed the neutrosophic hesitant fuzzy multiobjective programming problems (NHFMOPPs) under a neutrosophic hesitant fuzzy environment. Besides, a new robust solution scheme, namely neutrosophic hesitant fuzzy Pareto optimal solution to the NHFMOPPs, is investigated, and two different optimization techniques are suggested to evaluate it. The validity and applicability of the proposed methods are unanimously implemented on different multiobjective real-life problems. Finally, conclusions, comparative study, and future research direction are addressed based on the presented work.

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