Enhanced current rectification in graphene nanoribbons: Effects of geometries and orientations of nanopores

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We discuss the possibility of getting rectification operation in graphene nanoribbon (GNR). For a system to be a rectifier, it must be physically asymmetric and we induce the asymmetry in GNR by introducing nanopores. The rectification properties are discussed for differently structured nanopores. We find that shape and orientation of the nanopores are critical and sensitive to the degree of current rectification. As the choice of Fermi energy is crucial for obtaining significant current rectification, explicit dependence of Fermi energy on the degree of current rectification is also studied for a particular shape of the nanopore. Finally, the role of nanopore size and different spatial distributions of the electrostatic potential profile across the GNR are explored. The stability of the nanopores is also discussed with a possible solution. Given the simplicity of the proposed method and promising results, the present proposition may lead to a new route of getting current rectification in different kinds of materials where nanopores can be formed selectively.



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Open Access, Green

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