Graph-based modelling of superpixels for automatic identification of empty shelves in supermarkets

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Research Article

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Pattern Recognition


Automatic detection of empty spaces (gaps) between the displayed products as seen in the images of shelves of a supermarket is an interesting image segmentation problem. This paper presents the first known attempt to solve this commercially relevant challenge. The shelf image is first over-segmented into a number of superpixels to construct a graph of superpixels (SG). Subsequently, a graph convolutional network and a Siamese network are built to process the SG. Finally, a structural support vector machine based inference model is formulated based on SG for segmenting the gap and non-gap regions. In order to validate our method, we manually annotate the images of shelves of three benchmark datasets of retail products. We have achieved ∼70 to ∼85% segmentation accuracy (in terms of mean intersection-over-union) on the annotated datasets. A part of the annotated data is released at



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