Activating strong nonlocality from local sets: An elimination paradigm

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Research Article

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Physical Review A


Apart from the Bell nonlocality, which deals with the correlations generated from the local input-output statistics, quantum theory exhibits another kind of nonlocality that involves the indistinguishability of the locally preparable set of multipartite states. While Bell-type nonlocality cannot be activated from a given local correlation via local operations and shared randomness, it is already reported that the latter kind of nonlocality can be activated from a "local,"i.e., locally distinguishable set of states. However, recently it is shown that a stronger notion of such a nonlocality, which deals with elimination instead of discrimination, can be activated from locally preparable bipartite states of dimension 7×8. The present work observes that the same notion can be demonstrated even in lower dimensional multipartite systems. Importantly, the possibly strongest version of such an activation is further depicted here, where none of the transformed product states can be eliminated, even if all but one of the parties come together.



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