Noncanonical conformal attractors for single field inflation

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Research Article

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International Journal of Modern Physics D


We extend the idea of conformal attractors in inflation to noncanonical sectors by developing a noncanonical conformally invariant theory from two different approaches. In the first approach, namely, = 1 supergravity, the construction is more or less phenomenological, where the noncanonical kinetic sector is derived from a particular form of the Kähler potential respecting shift symmetry. In the second approach, i.e. superconformal theory, we derive the form of the Lagrangian from a superconformal action and it turns out to be exactly of the same form as in the first approach. Conformal breaking of these theories results in a new class of noncanonical models which can govern inflation with modulated shape of the T-models. We further employ this framework to explore inflationary phenomenology with a representative example and show how the form of the Kähler potential can possibly be constrained in noncanonical models using the latest confidence contour in the ns - r plane given by recent Planck and BICEP/Keck results.



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Open Access, Green

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