Digital image steganography: A literature survey

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Research Article

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Information Sciences


Steganography is the art of concealing information in a cover media in such a way that the presence of the information is unknown. Digital image steganography accomplishes the potential for protected communication that is crucial in most of the applications nowadays. Steganography has several beneficial applications. It has been driven to the frontrunner of present security systems by the amazing development in computational power, the rise in security consciousness. The main challenge in proposing a steganographic technique is to maintain a suitable balance among higher embedding capacity, imperceptibility, and security that separate it from correlated systems like cryptography and watermarking. This article offers an extensive state-of-the-art review and analysis of some recent steganographic techniques. Furthermore, we have discussed popular steganography tools in detail. Challenges in the recent deep learning based steganographic techniques have been addressed. To explore the domain, the article concludes with mentioning some future research directions.

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