Stability of synchronization in simplicial complexes with multiple interaction layers

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Research Article

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Physical Review E


Understanding how the interplay between higher-order and multilayer structures of interconnections influences the synchronization behaviors of dynamical systems is a feasible problem of interest, with possible application in essential topics such as neuronal dynamics. Here, we provide a comprehensive approach for analyzing the stability of the complete synchronization state in simplicial complexes with numerous interaction layers. We show that the synchronization state exists as an invariant solution and derive the necessary condition for a stable synchronization state in the presence of general coupling functions. It generalizes the well-known master stability function scheme to the higher-order structures with multiple interaction layers. We verify our theoretical results by employing them on networks of paradigmatic Rössler oscillators and Sherman neuronal models, and we demonstrate that the presence of group interactions considerably improves the synchronization phenomenon in the multilayer framework.



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Open Access, Green

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