Radiative plateau inflation with conformal invariance: Dynamical generation of electroweak and seesaw scales

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Research Article

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Physical Review D


We investigate a scale-invariant B-L scenario where the Standard Model (SM) is supplemented with a dark scalar φ which has gauge and Yukawa interactions, with the couplings gBL and y, respectively, leading to radiative plateau inflation at scale φ=M in the ultraviolet (UV), while dynamically generating the electroweak and seesaw scales á la Coleman-Weinberg in the infrared (IR). This is particularly achieved by implementing threshold corrections at an energy scale μT arising due to the presence of vectorlike fermions. We show that implementing the inflationary observables makes the couplings solely dependent on the plateau scale M, leaving us with only two independent parameters M and μT. Within the theoretically consistent parameter space defined by mZBL>850 GeV, from the assumption of independent evolution of the dark sector couplings from the SM couplings and M<5.67 MP required for the realization of inflationary plateaulike behavior of the potential around φ=M, where MP=2.4×1018 GeV is the reduced Planck mass, we identify the parameter space that is excluded by the current LHC results from the search for the heavy ZBL boson. For typical benchmark points in the viable parameter regions, we estimate the reheating temperature to be O(TeV) thus consistent with the standard big bang nucleosynthesis (BBN) constraints. For typical benchmark points (M=5.67,1,0.1 MP) we predict the scales of inflation to be Hinf=2.79×1012 GeV, 1.53×1010 GeV, and 1.53×107 GeV, respectively.



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