Taming non-stationary chimera states in locally coupled oscillators

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The imperfect traveling chimera (ITC) state is a novel non-stationary chimera pattern in which the incoherent domain of oscillators spreads into the coherent domain. We investigate the ITC state in locally coupled pendulum oscillators with heterogeneous driving forces. We introduce the heterogeneous phase value in the driving forces by two different ways, namely, the random phase from uniform distribution and random phase directions with identical amplitude. We discover two transition mechanisms from ITC to coherent state through traveling chimera-like state by taking the two different phase heterogeneity. The transition phenomena are investigated using cylindrical and polar coordinate phase spaces. In the numerical study, we propose a quantitative measurement named "spatiotemporal consistency"strength for distinguishing the ITC from the traveling one. Our research facilitates the exploration of potential applications of heterogeneous interactions in neuroscience.



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