Unknown terrain imaging with adaptive spatial resolution using UAV

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Research Article

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Ad Hoc Networks


Recently, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones equipped with advanced cameras, have introduced a major revolution in surveying wide landscapes to collect ground data very fast. Capturing images of an unknown area with the desired resolution is of utmost importance for many real-life applications. For a UAV fitted with a given camera, its altitude from the ground surface primarily determines the spatial resolution of mapping. Hence, for an uneven terrain, it is a great challenge to maneuver the UAV dynamically to capture snapshots maintaining the desired spatial resolution throughout the area. This paper proposes a novel fully-automated technique for simple nadir drones to capture images of an unknown 3D terrain satisfying a predefined spatial resolution criterion. Also, an adaptive real-time flight path planning scheme is presented to minimize the distance traversed by the drone. A detailed performance evaluation study on real terrain data shows that the proposed technique can cover almost 97−99% of the area, maintaining the specified resolution with an almost 46−59% reduction in the path length compared to the conventional techniques.



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