Distributed relay switching in the presence of dynamic obstacles in millimeter wave D2D communication

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Research Article

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Computer Communications


Due to the presence of dynamic obstacles as well as motion of user equipments (UEs), blockage of line of sight (LOS) is highly probable which makes relay selection in millimeter wave device to device (D2D) communication quite challenging. We propose a geometric approach to find the priority of the relays for a given D2D pair based on the LOS blockage probabilities. In case of blockage of LOS, the respective D2D pair might switch to the other high priority relay. We develop a game-theoretic auction-based framework to perform centralized relay selection using the global information provided by the base station where the goal is to increase throughput and reduce blockage fraction for any D2D pair. We found that this global solution might not be sufficient to reduce packet loss adequately. Accordingly, we develop a distributed relay switching (DRS) algorithm, using the local information of the UEs to reduce any further packet loss due to the blockages. Through simulation we show that DRS not only improves throughput and packet loss but also lowers the blockage fraction of D2D pairs and thereby provides higher energy efficiency than the existing approaches which do not consider switching of relays in case of blockage.

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