Evaluation of Research Data Management (RDM) services in academic libraries of India: A triangulation approach

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Research Article

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Journal of Academic Librarianship


Research is a planned and scientific method of increasing knowledge that is typically funded by a country's government or funding agencies. Research activity produces valuable data. Research Data Services (RDS) or Research Data Management (RDM) services are considered vital services provided by an academic library and are focused on the management, archiving, processing, and reuse of critical research data. This study evaluates the current status of the adaptation of RDS or RDM services in Indian academic libraries (which includes a total of 186 institutions, including all of India's Central Universities (54) and Institutes of National Importance (132)). A method triangulation approach was used for the data collection, including a literature survey, library website study, online survey, and telephonic interview with LIS professionals from Indian academic libraries. Academic libraries in India are yet to keep up with those in developed countries in adopting RDM services owing to a lack of RDM policy, institutional support, and technological challenges, according to the data. The study also presents suggestions to decision-makers, higher authorities of academic institutions, and the government to develop a strong RDM policy at both the institutional and national levels defining the role and duties of the libraries in RDM.



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