Efficient current rectification in driven acenes

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Research Article

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Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics


We examine the current-voltage (I-V) characteristics of different polyacenes, such as anthracene, tetracene, pentacene, etc., under the influence of arbitrarily polarized light. The irradiation effect produces an anisotropy in the system and acenes may therefore be employed as molecular rectifiers. We find that the rectification efficiency can be more than 90% with a specific set of light parameters. The phase of rectification (positive or negative) can suitably be engineered by controlling the light conditions. The effect of light irradiation is incorporated through the Floquet-Bloch ansatz with the minimal coupling scheme. The transport properties are calculated using Green's function technique following the Landauer-Büttiker formalism. Given the promising rectification results, the present prescription may be useful in designing functional elements, employing several other single/complex molecular structures in digital circuit design with the possibility of immense applications.

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