EV Hubble scale inflation with a radiative plateau: Very light inflaton, reheating, and dark matter in B-L extensions

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Physical Review D


We study radiative plateaulike inflation and ZBL-portal freeze-in fermionic dark matter in a minimal B-L extended model. The U(1)B-L Higgs, responsible for heavy neutrino masses, also drives inflation in the early Universe, thanks to radiative corrections from the heavy neutrinos and the ZBL gauge boson. In our benchmark choice for the U(1)B-L gauge coupling gB-L∼10-4, a light ZBL boson can be explored by current and future lifetime frontier experiments, such as the Forward Search Experiment (FASER) and FASER 2 at the LHC, SHiP, Belle II, and LHCb. For the benchmark, the Hubble scale of inflation (Hinf) is very low [Hinf=O(100) eV] and the inflaton turns out to be very light with mass of O(1) eV, and consequently the decay width of the inflaton is extremely small. We investigate a two-field system with the inflaton/B-L Higgs and the Standard Model (SM) Higgs, and find that the reheating with a sufficiently high temperature occurs when the waterfall direction to the SM Higgs direction opens up in the trajectory of the scalar field evolution.



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