Spintronics in double stranded magnetic helix: role of non-uniform disorder

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Research Article

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Journal of Physics Condensed Matter


The spin dependent transport phenomena are investigated in a double stranded (ds) magnetic helix (MH) structure. Two different helical systems, short-range hopping helix and long range hopping (LRH) helix, are taken into account. We explore the role of these two kinds of geometries on spin dependent transport phenomena. Using Green’s function formalism within a tight-binding framework we compute transport quantities which include spin dependent transmission probabilities, junction currents and spin polarization (SP) coefficient. High degree of SP is obtained for the LRH MH. The SP can be tuned by changing the inter-strand hopping and the direction of magnetic moments at different lattice sites. We find atypical features when we include impurities in one strand of the MH, keeping the other strand free. Unlike uniform disordered systems, SP gets increased with impurity strength beyond a critical value. The effect of temperature on SP and experimental possibilities of our proposed quantum system are also discussed, to make the present communication a self-contained one. Our analysis may provide a new route to explore interesting spintronic properties using similar kind of fascinating helical geometries, possessing higher order electron hopping and subjected to non-uniform disorder.



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