Semi-global triangular centrality measure for identifying the influential spreaders from undirected complex networks

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Research Article

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Expert Systems with Applications


The influential spreaders play a significant role in maximizing or controlling any spreading process in a network. In the literature, many methods have been proposed to identify influential spreaders. In this article, we classify all the methods mainly into four categories, such as local centrality, global centrality, semi-global centrality and hybrid centrality. Among them, we have found semi-global centrality based methods have immense potential in identifying the influential spreaders from various types of network structures. However, we have observed that the existing semi-global centrality methods can identify the spreaders from the periphery of a network, where the nodes in the periphery are loosely coupled and the collective influence in the peripheral region of a spreading process will be nominal. We propose a new indexing method “semi-global triangular centrality”, which does not consider the best spreaders from the periphery. The proposed method maximizes the total collective influence of a spreading process by selecting the best spreaders from the dense part of a network. We have examined the performance of the proposed method using the Susceptible–Infected–Recovered epidemic model and applied to nine real-networks. The experimental result reveals that the proposed method performs better than the other centrality methods in terms of spreading dynamics.



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