Role of inter-electrode coupling on thermoelectricity in an interferometric geometry: a new proposition

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Research Article

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Journal of Physics Condensed Matter


Efficient thermoelectric (TE) energy conversion is one of the most desirable solutions of our current day energy crisis. Exploiting the effect of quantum interference among electronic waves, in this work we propose a prescription of getting high TE efficiency, the so-called figure of merit (ZT), considering an interferometric geometry where a loop conductor is clamped between two heat baths. Unlike conventional junction configurations, we introduce an additional path for electron transfer directly from source to drain, due to their close proximity. The interplay between different paths leads to an enhanced ZT (ZT > 1). Moreover, the efficiency can be further regulated by tuning the inter-electrode coupling. The effects of magnetic flux threaded by the ring and disorder are also discussed. Our proposed prescription may lead to a new route of designing tunable TE devices at nanoscale level.



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