LSH-GAN enables in-silico generation of cells for small sample high dimensional scRNA-seq data

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Research Article

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Communications Biology


A fundamental problem of downstream analysis of scRNA-seq data is the unavailability of enough cell samples compare to the feature size. This is mostly due to the budgetary constraint of single cell experiments or simply because of the small number of available patient samples. Here, we present an improved version of generative adversarial network (GAN) called LSH-GAN to address this issue by producing new realistic cell samples. We update the training procedure of the generator of GAN using locality sensitive hashing which speeds up the sample generation, thus maintains the feasibility of applying the standard procedures of downstream analysis. LSH-GAN outperforms the benchmarks for realistic generation of quality cell samples. Experimental results show that generated samples of LSH-GAN improves the performance of the downstream analysis such as feature (gene) selection and cell clustering. Overall, LSH-GAN therefore addressed the key challenges of small sample scRNA-seq data analysis.



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Open Access, Gold, Green

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