Ranking the ontology development methodologies using the weighted decision matrix

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Data Technologies and Applications


Purpose: The current work provides a framework for the ranking of ontology development methodologies (ODMs). Design/methodology/approach: The framework is a step-by-step approach reinforced by an array of ranking features and a quantitative tool, weighted decision matrix. An extensive literature investigation revealed a set of aspects that regulate ODMs. The aspects and existing state-of-the-art estimates facilitated in extracting the features. To determine weight to each of the features, an online survey was implemented to secure evidence from the Semantic Web community. To demonstrate the framework, the authors perform a pilot study, where a collection of domain ODMs, reported in 2000–2019, is used. Findings: State-of-the-art research revealed that ODMs have been accumulated, surveyed and assessed to prescribe the best probable ODM for ontology development. But none of the prevailing studies provide a ranking mechanism for ODMs. The recommended framework overcomes this limitation and gives a systematic and uniform way of ranking the ODMs. The pilot study yielded NeOn as the top-ranked ODM in the recent two decades. Originality/value: There is no work in the literature that has investigated ranking the ODMs. Hence, this is a first of its kind work in the area of ODM research. The framework supports identifying the topmost ODMs from the literature possessing a substantial amount of features for ontology development. It also enables the selection of the best possible ODM for the ontology development.

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