The SNP rs7865618 of 9p21.3 locus emerges as the most promising marker of coronary artery disease in the southern Indian population

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Development of coronary artery disease (CAD) is primarily due to the process of atherosclerosis, however the prognosis of CAD depends on pleiotropic effects of the genes located at 9p21.3 region. Genome wide association studies revealed association of variants in this region with CAD pathology. However, specific marker in predicting CAD development or progression is not yet identified. In the present study, 35 SNPs at 9p21.3 region, located in the cyclin dependent kinase inhibitor (CDKN2A/CDKN2B) genes, were genotyped among 350 CAD cases and 480 controls from the southern Indian population of Hyderabad using fluidigm nanofluidic SNP genotyping system and the data were analyzed using PLINK and R softwares. Of the 35 SNPs analysed, only one SNP, rs7865618, was found to be highly significantly associated with CAD, even after correction for multiple testing (p = 0.008). The AG and GG genotypes of this SNP conferred 3.08 and 1.93 folds increased risk for CAD respectively. In particular, this SNP was significantly associated with severe anatomic (triple vessel disease p = 0.023) and phenotypic (acute coronary syndrome p = 0.007) categories of CAD. Pair wise SNP interaction analysis between the SNPs of 9p21.3 and 11q23.3 regions revealed significantly increased risk of three SNPs of 11q23.3 region that were not associated individually, in conjunction with rs7865618 of 9p21.3.



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