Designing a fuzzy approach for modelling the performance evaluation of education service providers

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Research Article

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International Journal of Services and Operations Management


Faculty performance evaluation is an all-time controversial issue. Especially, in the developing countries where, instead of any scientific and standardised measurement techniques the appraisal mostly depends on the qualitative judgment of the academic administrators (e.g., vice chancellors, principals, HODs or deans), such discontents and controversies are bound to happen. Hence a comprehensive performance measurement tool is called for performance measurement of educators which could be used for their promotion decisions. This paper proposes the design of an evaluation system for necessary promotion of an academic employee in an institution using fuzzy logic approach. An integrated two-layered fuzzy inference system (FIS) has been designed taking into consideration all the features of the system. Finally, the defuzzified output has been compared finally with a laid-down standard to conclude whether a particular faculty member has to be recommended for promotion or not.

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