MRBNS: A new energy-efficient communication scheme in low power wireless networks

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Research Article

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International Journal of Sensor Networks


Anewenergy-efficient communication scheme has been proposed based on a novel source coding technique along with the idea of silent communication, so that the frequencies of occurrences of different symbols in the encoded message become very asymmetric. Keeping the symbol period with the highest frequency of occurrence as silent during transmission, we achieve substantial savings of transmitter and receiver energies by using a hybrid FSK-ASK modulation/demodulation technique. We also design the corresponding protocols for transmission and reception of messages and evaluate their performances to compare with other existing techniques. Our results demonstrate that for additive white Gaussian noise in channels, on an average, the transmitter side energy is reduced by about 53%, while at the receiver side there is about 17.2% savings. Due to the savings of both transmitter and receiver energies, our proposed scheme is particularly suitable for multi-hop communication in low power wireless networks.

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