Examining the interrelatedness between ontologies and Linked Data

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Purpose: Ontology and Linked Data (LD) are the two prominent web technologies that have emerged in the recent past. Both of them are at the center of Semantic Web and its applications. Researchers and developers from both academia and business are actively working in these areas. The increasing interest in these technologies promoted the growth of LD sets and ontologies on the web. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the possible relationships between them. The effort is to investigate the possible roles that ontologies may play in further empowering the LD. In a similar fashion, the author also studies the possible roles that LD may play to empower ontologies. Design/methodology/approach: The work is mainly carried out by exploring the ontology- and LD-based real-world systems, and by reviewing the existing literature. Findings: The current work reveals, in general, that both the technologies are interdependent and have lots to offer to each other for their faster growth and meaningful development. Specifically, anything that we can do with LD, we can do more by adding an ontology to it. Practical implications: The author envisions that the current work, in the one hand, will help in boosting the successful implementation and the delivery of semantic applications; on the other hand, it will also become a food for the future researchers in further investigating the relationships between the ontologies and LD. Originality/value: So far, as per the author’s knowledge, there are very little works that have attempted in exploring the relationships between the ontologies and LD. In this work, the author illustrates the real-world systems that are based on ontology and LD, discusses the issues and challenges and finally illustrates their interdependency discussing some of the ongoing research works.

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