A Policy Improvement Algorithm for Solving a Mixture Class of Perfect Information and AR-AT Semi-Markov Games

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Research Article

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International Game Theory Review


Zero-sum two-person discounted semi-Markov games with finite state and action spaces are studied where a collection of states having Perfect Information (PI) property is mixed with another collection of states having Additive Reward-Additive Transition and Action Independent Transition Time (AR-AT-AITT) property. For such a PI/AR-AT-AITT mixture class of games, we prove the existence of an optimal pure stationary strategy for each player. We develop a policy improvement algorithm for solving discounted semi-Markov decision processes (one player version of semi-Markov games) and using it we obtain a policy-improvement type algorithm for computing an optimal strategy pair of a PI/AR-AT-AITT mixture semi-Markov game. Finally, we extend our results when the states having PI property are replaced by a subclass of Switching Control (SC) states.



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