A Fast and Additive Free C–C Homo/Cross-Coupling Reaction in Reverse Micelle: An Understanding of Role of Surfactant, Water Content and Base on the Product Yield and Reaction Site

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A fresh modus operandi was designed for additive and ligand free transition metal-catalyzed C−C homo/cross-coupling reactions of arylboronic acid in reverse micellar (RMs) templates. Three RMs based on different charge types of polar head groups and length of hydrophobic moieties of surfactants [e. g., anionic (AOT), cationic (DDAB), and non-ionic (TX 100)] in cyclohexane were chosen herein. The reaction proceeded rapidly in these RMs and completed within 10 minutes at ambient condition. Performance of reaction in terms of yield of the desired product in RMs, was correlated with various physicochemical parameters of these systems as obtained from conductance, DLS and FTIR techniques. The results revealed that AOT is best suited for further studies. The progress of the reaction with time was monitored in AOT RMs as supplementary study by using above mentioned methods. It was emphasized that types of base and catalyst, water content influenced the product yield and plausible reaction location. Finally, the development of a series of symmetrical and unsymmetrical biaryl via above reaction in AOT RM was explored successfully.

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