Erratum to: Noncommutative geometry and fluid dynamics (The European Physical Journal C, (2016), 76, 11, (627), 10.1140/epjc/s10052-016-4488-8)

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European Physical Journal C


There are several corrections related to our paper, as given below. The correct form of (17) is, (Formula presented.) There is a crucial change of sign in the Dirac bracket of (37), (Formula presented.) with (37, 38) remaining unchanged. This leads to a canonical form of the continuity equation, (Formula presented.) instead of (54). However the noncommutative extension of the Euler equation (56) remains unchanged. Subsequently, contrary to our results of a noncommutativity-modified Friedmann equation in (84, 85), in the present model, to first order in noncommutative parameter θi,j , the Friedmann equation remains unmodified. We thank Rabin Banerjee and Arpan Krishna Mitra for pointing out the errors.



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