Wigner–Yanase skew information and entanglement generation in quantum measurement

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Research Article

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Quantum Information Processing


The first step of quantum measurement procedure is known as premeasurement, during which correlation is established between the system and the measurement apparatus. Such correlation may be classical or nonclassical in nature. One compelling nonclassical correlation is entanglement, a useful resource for various quantum information theoretic protocols. Quantifying the amount of entanglement, generated during quantum measurement, therefore, seeks importance from practical ground, and this is the central issue of the present paper. Interestingly, for a two-level quantum system, we obtain that the amount of entanglement, measured in term of negativity, generated in premeasurement process can be quantified by two factors: skew information, which quantifies the uncertainty in the measurement of an observable not commuting with some conserved quantity of the system, and mixedness parameter of the system’s initial state.



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Open Access, Green

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