Quantum isometry groups of dual of finitely generated discrete groups and quantum groups

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Research Article

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Reviews in Mathematical Physics


We study quantum isometry groups, denoted by ℚ(ω,S), of spectral triples on Cr∗(ω) for a finitely generated discrete group ω coming from the word-length metric with respect to a symmetric generating set S. We first prove a few general results about ℚ(ω,S) including: • For a group ω with polynomial growth property, the dual of ℚ(ω,S) has polynomial growth property provided the action of ℚ(ω,S) on Cr∗(ω) has full spectrum. •ℚ(ω,S)≅QISO(ω,d) for any discrete abelian group ω, where d is a suitable metric on the dual compact abelian group ω. We then carry out explicit computations of ℚ(ω,S) for several classes of examples including free and direct product of cyclic groups, Baumslag-Solitar group, Coxeter groups etc. In particular, we have computed quantum isometry groups of all finitely generated abelian groups which do not have factors of the formZ2k orZ4l for some k,l in the direct product decomposition into cyclic subgroups.



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