In Search of the Attributes Responsible for Sliver Formation in Cold Rolled Steel Sheets

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Research Article

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Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series D


Surface quality is one of the most important characteristics of cold rolled (CR) steel sheets for its application in consumer goods industries. The actual cause of sliver formation is very difficult to determine, as it is revealed only after the final cold rolling of the steel. A thorough investigation on searching the root cause of sliver formation in CR steel is done here using several statistical tools towards mining the industrial data for extraction of knowledge. As the complex interactions between the variables make it difficult to identify the cause, it is seen that findings from different techniques differed to a certain extent. Still it is revealed that 21 variables could be short listed as major contributor for sliver formation, but those are found to be from all the areas of the processing. This leads to the conclusion that no particular process variable or particular processing could be held responsible for sliver formation.

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