Routes to extreme events in dynamical systems: Dynamical and statistical characteristics

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Intermittent large amplitude events are seen in the temporal evolution of a state variable of many dynamical systems. Such intermittent large events suddenly start appearing in dynamical systems at a critical value of a system parameter and continues for a range of parameter values. Three important processes of instabilities, namely, interior crisis, Pomeau-Manneville intermittency, and the breakdown of quasiperiodic motion, are most common as observed in many systems that lead to such occasional and rare transitions to large amplitude spiking events. We characterize these occasional large events as extreme events if they are larger than a statistically defined significant height. We present two exemplary systems, a single system and a coupled system, to illustrate how the instabilities work to originate extreme events and they manifest as non-trivial dynamical events. We illustrate the dynamical and statistical properties of such events.



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