Synchronization of moving oscillators in three dimensional space

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We investigate the macroscopic behavior of a dynamical network consisting of a time-evolving wiring of interactions among a group of random walkers. We assume that each walker (agent) has an oscillator and show that depending upon the nature of interaction, synchronization arises where each of the individual oscillators are allowed to move in such a random walk manner in a finite region of three dimensional space. Here, the vision range of each oscillator decides the number of oscillators with which it interacts. The live interaction between the oscillators is of intermediate type (i.e., not local as well as not global) and may or may not be bidirectional. We analytically derive the density dependent threshold of coupling strength for synchronization using linear stability analysis and numerically verify the obtained analytical results. Additionally, we explore the concept of basin stability, a nonlinear measure based on volumes of basin of attractions, to investigate how stable the synchronous state is under large perturbations. The synchronization phenomenon is analyzed taking limit cycle and chaotic oscillators for wide ranges of parameters like interaction strength k between the walkers, speed of movement v, and vision range r.



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Open Access, Green

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