Amplitude death and resurgence of oscillation in networks of mobile oscillators

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The phenomenon of amplitude death has been explored using a variety of different coupling strategies in the last two decades. In most of the works, the basic coupling arrangement is considered to be static over time, although many realistic systems exhibit significant changes in the interaction pattern as time varies. In this article, we study the emergence of amplitude death in a dynamical network composed of time-varying interaction amidst a collection of random walkers in a finite region of three-dimensional space. We consider an oscillator for each walker and demonstrate that depending upon the network parameters and hence the interaction between them, the global oscillation in the network gets suppressed. In this framework, the vision range of each oscillator decides the number of oscillators with which it interacts. In addition, with the use of an appropriate feedback parameter in the coupling strategy, we articulate how the suppressed oscillation can be resurrected in the systems' parameter space. The phenomenon of amplitude death and the resurgence of oscillation is investigated taking limit cycle and chaotic oscillators for broad ranges of the parameters, like the interaction strength k between the entities, the vision range r and the speed of movement v.



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Open Access, Green

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