Hydrodynamics of submerged turbulent plane offset jets

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Research Article

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Physics of Fluids


The results of an experimental study on the turbulent flow characteristics in submerged plane offset jets are presented. The vertical profiles of time-averaged velocity components and Reynolds stresses at different horizontal locations are depicted to illustrate their variations across the pre-attachment, impingement, and wall jet regions. The characteristic lengths and the jet profile of submerged offset jets in the pre-attachment region are determined from the velocity profiles. The regional profiles of velocity and Reynolds stresses are analyzed in the context of the self-similarity, the decay of their representative scales, and the development of the length scales. The self-similarity characteristics in the pre-attachment and wall jet regions are preserved better than those in the impingement region. The turbulent kinetic energy (TKE) fluxes suggest that within the jet layer in the pre-attachment region, an upward advection of low-speed fluid streaks induces a strong retardation to the jet; while in the wall jet region, an inrush of low-speed fluid streaks induces a weak retardation. Analysis of the TKE budget reveals that within the jet layer, the TKE diffusion rate and the pressure energy diffusion rate oppose each other, and the peaks of the dissipation rate lag from those of the corresponding production rate.



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