Script independent approach for multi-oriented text detection in scene image

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Developing a text detection method which is invariant to scripts in natural scene images is a challenging task due to different geometrical structures of various scripts. Besides, multi-oriented of text lines in natural scene images make the problem more challenging. This paper proposes to explore ring radius transform (RRT) for text detection in multi-oriented and multi-script environments. The method finds component regions based on convex hull to generate radius matrices using RRT. It is a fact that RRT provides low radius values for the pixels that are near to edges, constant radius values for the pixels that represent stroke width, and high radius values that represent holes created in background and convex hull because of the regular structures of text components. We apply k-means clustering on the radius matrices to group such spatially coherent regions into individual clusters. Then the proposed method studies the radius values of such cluster components that are close to the centroid and far from the centroid to detect text components. Furthermore, we have developed a Bangla dataset (named as ISI-UM dataset) and propose a semi-automatic system for generating its ground truth for text detection of arbitrary orientations, which can be used by the researchers for text detection and recognition in the future. The ground truth will be released to public. Experimental results on our ISI-UM data and other standard datasets, namely, ICDAR 2013 scene, SVT and MSRA data, show that the proposed method outperforms the existing methods in terms of multi-lingual and multi-oriented text detection ability.

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