Interactive effects of prey refuge and additional food for predator in a diffusive predator-prey system

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Research Article

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Applied Mathematical Modelling


Additional food for predators has been considered as one of the best established techniques in integrated pest management and biological conservation programs. In natural systems, there are several other factors, e.g., prey refuge, affect the success of pest control. In this paper, we analyze a predator-prey system with prey refuge and additional food for predator apart from the focal prey in the presence of diffusion. Our main aim is to study the interactive effects of prey refuge and additional food on the system dynamics and especially on the controllability of prey (pest). Different types of Turing patterns such as stripes, spots, holes, and mixtures of them are obtained. It is found that the supply of additional food to the predator is unable to control the prey (pest) population when prey refuge is high. Moreover, when both prey refuge and additional food are low, spatial distribution of prey becomes complex and once again prey control becomes difficult. However, the joint effect of reduction in prey refuge and the presence of appropriate amount of additional food can control prey (pest) population from the system.

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Open Access, Green

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