An Eco-Epidemiological Model with Different Competition Coefficients and Strong-Allee in the Prey

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Research Article

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International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos


Strong-Allee effect and competition coefficients provide useful insight to the dynamics of eco-epidemiological systems. Basically, different competition coefficients in the prey population lead to the emergent carrying capacity. The study of population dynamics under the influence of strong-Allee parameter has attracted a lot attention from researchers. But the dynamics of such systems under the combined effect of disease, Allee and emergent carrying capacity is yet to receive attention from researchers. A simple eco-epidemiological model with strong-Allee effect in prey population is proposed and analyzed with the aim to observe the dynamics of such system under the combined influence of strong-Allee parameter and competition coefficients. The basic mathematical features of the model are analyzed with the help of equilibrium analysis, stability analysis, bistability and bifurcation theory. Our numerical simulations reveal that in the absence of strong-Allee effect, the three species eco-epidemiological system produces chaos by increasing the force of infection. However, we observe that chaotic dynamics thus obtained can be controlled by the Allee parameter as well as the competition coefficients.



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