Conditional steering under the von Neumann scenario

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Research Article

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Physical Review A


In Phys. Lett. A 166, 293 (1992)PYLAAG0375-960110.1016/0375-9601(92)90711-T, Popescu and Rohrlich characterized nonlocality of pure n-partite entangled systems by studying bipartite violation of local realism when n-2 number of parties perform projective measurements on their particles. A pertinent question in this scenario is whether similar characterization is possible for n-partite mixed entangled states also. In the present work we have followed an analogous approach so as to explore whether given a tripartite mixed entangled state the conditional bipartite states obtained by performing projective measurement on the third party demonstrate a weaker form of nonlocality, quantum steering. We also compare this phenomenon of conditional steering with existing notions of tripartite correlations.



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