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Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications


Present study considers the situation where the removal of population is adopted as a prevention measure for isolating the susceptible population from an infected region to reduce the disease prevalence. To investigate the scenario, a dynamic error based method, Z-type control is applied in an SI type disease model with the aim of achieving a predetermined disease prevalence. The controlled system is designed by introducing a new compartment (the population in an infection-free region) in the uncontrolled system to capture the removal of susceptible population from the infected region to an infection free region. By performing numerical simulations, our study shows that using Z-control mechanism, the removal of susceptible to an infection free region can effectively achieve a predetermined disease prevalence. The removal rates required for achieving a specific reduction in infected population for different levels of disease endemicity are quantified. Furthermore, the global sensitivity analysis (PRCC) is also performed to have a more clear insights on the correlations of the control parameter with the model parameters.



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