Suspension concentration due to combined wave-current flows over waveforms

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Research Article

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ISH Journal of Hydraulic Engineering


This paper presents the results of an experimental study carried out in a laboratory to investigate the sediment suspension due to combined wave-current flows over asymmetric dunes placed successively at the flume. The flume base was made by fixing 12 artificial asymmetric dunes. Experiments were performed with current only and combined wave-current flows over the series of bottom-waves under different frequencies of surface wave in sediment-laden flow for a fixed Reynolds number. The ninth dune was selected in this study, because the flow reached to a quasi–steady–state after the seventh dune. The eddy viscosity along the dune was found to be modulated due to formation of vortices on the dune flanks with the superposition of surface waves, but changes in vertical suspension concentration were rather weak with respect to locations as well as wave frequencies. The conventional diffusion equation was employed to estimate the vertical concentration distribution along waveforms with modified eddy viscosity for different frequency of waves. The results obtained using the modified Rouse equation compare quite well with the experimental observations. This model can address the suspension concentration that occurs in combined wave-current sediment-laden flow over waveform structures in real situation.

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