Inference based on progressive Type I interval censored data from log-normal distribution

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Research Article

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Communications in Statistics: Simulation and Computation


This article considers inference for the log-normal distribution based on progressive Type I interval censored data by both frequentist and Bayesian methods. First, the maximum likelihood estimates (MLEs) of the unknown model parameters are computed by expectation-maximization (EM) algorithm. The asymptotic standard errors (ASEs) of the MLEs are obtained by applying the missing information principle. Next, the Bayes’ estimates of the model parameters are obtained by Gibbs sampling method under both symmetric and asymmetric loss functions. The Gibbs sampling scheme is facilitated by adopting a similar data augmentation scheme as in EM algorithm. The performance of the MLEs and various Bayesian point estimates is judged via a simulation study. A real dataset is analyzed for the purpose of illustration.

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