An Efficient Signature Verification Method Based on an Interval Symbolic Representation and a Fuzzy Similarity Measure

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Research Article

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IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security


In this paper, an efficient offline signature verification method based on an interval symbolic representation and a fuzzy similarity measure is proposed. In the feature extraction step, a set of local binary pattern-based features is computed from both the signature image and its under-sampled bitmap. Interval-valued symbolic data is then created for each feature in every signature class. As a result, a signature model composed of a set of interval values (corresponding to the number of features) is obtained for each individual's handwritten signature class. A novel fuzzy similarity measure is further proposed to compute the similarity between a test sample signature and the corresponding interval-valued symbolic model for the verification of the test sample. To evaluate the proposed verification approach, a benchmark offline English signature data set (GPDS-300) and a large data set (BHSig260) composed of Bangla and Hindi offline signatures were used. A comparison of our results with some recent signature verification methods available in the literature was provided in terms of average error rate and we noted that the proposed method always outperforms when the number of training samples is eight or more.

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