Weak dissipative ion-acoustic solitons in relativistically degenerate collisional plasma

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Research Article

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Physics of Plasmas


Using the quantum hydrodynamical model, we study the effect of collisions on the dynamics of nonlinear ion-acoustic waves in a superdense degenerate electron-ion plasma. The electrons are assumed to be moving with relativistic velocities. The standard reductive perturbation technique leads to a dissipative KdV equation, for small amplitude electrostatic potential disturbances. The dynamics of these solitary waves is studied both analytically as well as numerically. It is observed that the system supports both positive as well as negative potential ion-solitary waves. The interplay between the relativistic degeneracy parameter and the ion-neutral collision frequency gives rise to both dispersion and dissipation, such that the soliton energy, amplitude, and velocity decrease exponentially with time, whereas its width increases.



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