Anomalous thermoelectric properties of a Floquet topological insulator with spin momentum non-orthogonality

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Research Article

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Journal of Applied Physics


The spin momentum non-orthogonality in 3D topological insulators leads to modification of the spin texture and brings in an out-of-plane spin polarization component. Apart from the spin texture, the anomalous thermoelectric properties of these materials are worth studying. In this paper, we have pointed out that the off resonant light used to irradiate the surface states, induces a gap, which becomes momentum dependent due to the presence of non-orthogonal terms in the Hamiltonian. Importantly, to maintain the off resonant condition of light, the momentum value should satisfy a bound. Furthermore, the momentum dependent gap causes a topological transition at a higher value of momentum, which is important to analyse the unusual double peak structure of the Nernst and electrical conductivities.



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