Accurate segmentation of complex document image using digital shearlet transform with neutrosophic set as uncertainty handling tool

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Research Article

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Applied Soft Computing Journal


In any image segmentation problem, there exist uncertainties. These uncertainties occur from gray level and spatial ambiguities in an image. As a result, accurate segmentation of text regions from non-text regions (graphics/images) in mixed and complex documents is a fairly difficult problem. In this paper, we propose a novel text region segmentation method based on digital shearlet transform (DST). The method is capable of handling the uncertainties arising in the segmentation process. To capture the anisotropic features of the text regions, the proposed method uses the DST coefficients as input features to a segmentation process block. This block is designed using the neutrosophic set (NS) for management of the uncertainty in the process. The proposed method is experimentally verified extensively and the performance is compared with that of some state-of-the-art techniques both quantitatively and qualitatively using benchmark dataset.

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