Slow update stochastic simulation algorithms for modeling complex biochemical networks

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The stochastic simulation algorithm (SSA) based modeling is a well recognized approach to predict the stochastic behavior of biological networks. The stochastic simulation of large complex biochemical networks is a challenge as it takes a large amount of time for simulation due to high update cost. In order to reduce the propensity update cost, we proposed two algorithms: slow update exact stochastic simulation algorithm (SUESSA) and slow update exact sorting stochastic simulation algorithm (SUESSSA). We applied cache-based linear search (CBLS) in these two algorithms for improving the search operation for finding reactions to be executed. Data structure used for incorporating CBLS is very simple and the cost of maintaining this during propensity update operation is very low. Hence, time taken during propensity updates, for simulating strongly coupled networks, is very fast; which leads to reduction of total simulation time. SUESSA and SUESSSA are not only restricted to elementary reactions, they support higher order reactions too. We used linear chain model and colloidal aggregation model to perform a comparative analysis of the performances of our methods with the existing algorithms. We also compared the performances of our methods with the existing ones, for large biochemical networks including B cell receptor and FcϵRI signaling networks.

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