On the equivalence among stress tensors in a gauge-fluid system

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Research Article

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International Journal of Modern Physics A


In this paper, we bring out the subtleties involved in the study of a first-order relativistic field theory with auxiliary field variables playing an essential role. In particular, we discuss the nonisentropic Eulerian (or Hamiltonian) fluid model. Interactions are introduced by coupling the fluid to a dynamical Maxwell (U(1)) gauge field. This dynamical nature of the gauge field is crucial in showing the equivalence, on the physical subspace, of the stress tensor derived from two definitions, i.e. The canonical (Noether) one and the symmetric one. In the conventional equal-Time formalism, we have shown that the generators of the space-Time transformations obtained from these two definitions agree modulo the Gauss constraint. This equivalence in the physical sector has been achieved only because of the dynamical nature of the gauge fields. Subsequently, we have explicitly demonstrated the validity of the Schwinger condition. A detailed analysis of the model in lightcone formalism has also been done where several interesting features are revealed.



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Open Access, Green

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