Metadata initiatives and emerging technologies to improve resource discovery

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Research Article

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Annals of Library and Information Studies


This paper discusses some emerging issues on metadata as a mechanism of resource discovery and its impact on the precision of search results in a distributed network environment. It presents a brief account of the recent major developments related to metadata across the globe. Highlights a consistent growth of multiple metadata standards to meet the variety of needs in a hierarchy of complexity. Examines various metadata-harvesting tools and related technologies that fulfill the task implicit in a user’s search. Brings out popular standards, useful protocols, and open-source harvesters along with their intrinsic capabilities for harvesting and presenting metadata and introduces a variety of metadata services viz., OCLC’s catalog service, UKOLN metadata editor service, OAIster harvester service, DP9 gateway service, etc. explores the underlying principles of metadata-harvesting in DSpace and web search engines. Discusses the use of multiple metadata formats in DSpace archives for exposing domain-specific metadata; and the inherent mechanism for extensibility and interoperability functions. Proposes methods for creating metadata that can pursue high-precision document retrieval in dynamic collections. Also discusses semantic web technologies and the use of specialized metadata for the long-term management and preservation of digital objects.

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